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RUN AS ONE – “Child, Nutrition and Health”

The RUN AS ONE charity race is organized in the framework of the ALPHAMEGA “Child, Nutrition & Health” Corporate Social Responsibility program. The aim of the program is to promote the importance of healthy eating habits and regular exercise from childhood. Through the actions of the program, children from 9-12 years of age are given the opportunity to visit members of the Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association in order to obtain a free personalized nutrition plan. The goal of the program is to prevent childhood obesity and promote systematic nutrition education.

The “Child, Nutrition and Health” program was successfully implemented during the school years 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 and is in its fifth year of life. All net proceeds from organizing the RUN AS ONE race are collected for the purposes of the program.

Up to now, over thousands of children have visited members of the Cyprus Dietetic & Nutrition Association, for free and acquired a nutrition plan based on their individual needs and were also able to have weight check-ups for one month.

Other actions of the program:

Revenue from sales of the kitchen journal “Kitchen by Akis Petretzikis” is available for the purposes of the “Child, Nutrition & Health” program.

By inviting children to vote their favourite fruit, ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets underline the nutritional value of fruits and the importance of their regular consumption. The elections take place every week, for a specific period of time, at the grocery departments of the Hypermarkets. Every time, the leading fruit celebrates its victory by giving children lots of fruit gifts.

“Fruit Elections” are carried out in collaboration with the Cyprus Dietetic & Nutrition Association, with the aim of informing children about the nutritional value of fruits.

With the support of the ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets, the theater performance “Nutrition” was presented in 35 primary schools throughout Cyprus, as well as the performance “The Mangas and the Madam Nutrition” at several theatres in Cyprus.

Through the plays, in a fun way, kids learnt about the benefits of proper nutrition.

Nutrition workshops for kids are organized by ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets. Little chefs put on their hats, prepare healthy dishes under the direction of A’ Chef Nikolas Constantinou and discover the fun part of healthy eating. President of the Cyprus Dietetic & Nutrition Association, Dr. Eleni Andreou, explains to children the nutritional value of the ingredients used for each recipe.

“Dive into my plate and find out!”, a book written by dietician – clinical nutritionist Christina Papadopoulou Fesa and sponsored by ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets is released. The book includes healthy recipes for dishes targeting a vast group of food lovers. All recipes are presented with a creative touch and fanciful illustrations. Part of the revenue from the book’s sales is provided to support “Child, Nutrition & Health” program.

ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets over the past years offer free, healthy breakfast in primary schools and inform children about the benefits of a healthy diet.