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1. When do I have to finish my run?
You’re free to run any time you want, as long as it’s within the event’s designated timeframe (between 22/10 and 31/10). Just don’t forget to record your activity!

2. Where can I run?
You can run your own race, at your own pace, wherever you are in Cyprus! Choose your favorite local trail or track, run in a gym or on your own treadmill.

3. How should I track my run?
To record your activity, just use any app that allows you to track your distance and time.

Some of the most popular apps are Strava, RunKeeper or Nike Run Club. You can also use a GPS watch. If you’ll be running on a treadmill, then no app is required, simply take a photo of the screen that shows your result.

4. Can I run further than the chosen distance?
Yes! If you run a longer distance, we will adjust your time based on your average pace.

5. Can I break up my activity into a few runs and submit my total time?
The distance has to be covered in one go, just like during a physical event.

6. When will my participation award or other finisher’s goodies be sent?
The medals for all runners and the diplomas for 1K Fun Run will be sent out by the organizers after the race (after 31/10).