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ALPHAMEGA RUN AS ONE consists of a set of races which are being held in Cyprus since 2016.  This initiative forms part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program “Child, Nutrition & Health” of ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets. Motivated by the public’s overall support and enthusiastic participation in the previous years, ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets were encouraged to introduce the very first virtual edition of the race in 2020 and its sequel in 2021, in order to safeguard the health and safety of the runners. In 2022, ALPHAMEGA RUN AS ONE made a strong in-person comeback.

The 8th edition of ALPHAMEGA RUN AS ONE returns with an open invitation to the public to join the run and enjoy activities at the FUN PARK.

Participation fee is €12 for the race’s individual runs of 5K and 10K, €20 for the Half Marathon and €200 for the 5K Corporate Run. Kids up to 12 years old participate in 1K Fun Run for free.


As an establishment, marathon promotes athleticism, drive, determination, collective efficacy. Beyond its racing character, it carries a historical and cultural identity that links modern times with the values of classic sport.
Through the CSR program “Child, Nutrition & Health”, ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets are organizing RUN AS ONE for the eighth consecutive year, to promote health and good eating habits.
RUN AS ONE is for everyone and its main purpose is to raise awareness among parents and children about nutrition, health and exercise issues. At RUN AS ONE, we run for our children, we run with our children, to set a good example and learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

On Sunday, October 22nd, ALPHAMEGA RUN AS ONE will make a strong comeback.

We look forward to seeing you there!
George Theodotou
CEO of ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets


All proceeds from the event will go to “Child, Nutrition and Health”, a Corporate Social Responsibility program by ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets, which allows children aged 9-12 to obtain a well-balanced and personalized nutrition plan for free. The program is implemented with the support of the Cyprus Dietetic & Nutrition Association. Each year, it is estimated that more than 2,000 children are given the opportunity to visit one of the approved members of the Association for free. Further, children are granted free follow-up appointments for an entire month, in order to track their progress.